10 Types Of Vaginas That Exist… If You Have #3 You Can Make Any Man Crazy About You

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Believe it or not, but there’s more than one kind of vagina in the world! Even though they’re distinctively unique from each other, they all seem to have a charm and personality of their own. Here are 10 different types of vaginas every girl must know of! (Psst…which one is yours?)

1. The Super-Dry Vajayjay

If your vajayjay always feels a bit dry, especially during sex, then lubricant is what you need in your life, girl. Don’t stress out about it, though – not feeling relaxed can actually make your vagina go drier still. Keep calm and lube on!

2. The One That Smells Kinda Strong

Every girl’s vagina smells strong sometimes, especially right before, during and right after her period. But if yours smells a bit ripe even at other times, best to see a gynae quick. The odour of the vagina changes when its natural pH balance is compromised because of infection, etc., so better to be safe and get yourself checked out!

3. The Super-Tight V

For some ladies, the walls of the vagina may feel really tight. While this can make sex painful in the beginning, worry not – the vagina, like any other muscle in the body, grows stronger and more flexible with activity. Things will ease up!

4. Lush And Relaxed

The other end of the spectrum from the super-tight vagina is the one which feels wide and relaxed. Nothing wrong with that! But it might be a good idea to up your Kegel Exercises quota in order to tighten the vaginal canal and pelvic floor for better muscle control during sex.

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