11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because of Your High Functioning Anxiety

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#4: Everything is worse case scenarios.

Those who have anxiety often see things in a negative light even if the situation is going completely perfect they still negatively picture different things that could come up and go wrong. This behavior can range from mild to extreme, and some people have been known to worry so severely that they make themselves physically sick through their vivid thoughts and visions.

#5: Every word that is exchanged with be questioned later.

Many hours will be spent overanalyzing and questioning every exchange of words that a person with anxiety has had throughout the day. This is partially why people with anxiety tend to have irregular sleeping habits as they spend so much time and energy on worrying that they lose their desire and strength to try and carry out a regular day.

People with anxiety tend to wonder if they have said something wrong and if they could have said something better, so they often send multiple text messages through worrying that they have said the wrong thing in the first one as the text recipient must be angry with them as they have not replied immediately.

#6: Everyone becomes a doctor.

If someone mentioned to a person with anxiety that they are looking ill, it could cause them to panic and think that its something severe and that they are deathly sick, even glancing in a mirror and thinking that they don’t look good could cause these thoughts and worries.

Someone with anxiety could take this is a million different ways, until the point that they may even make a doctor’s appointment and get a second opinion. Things will then get worse for a person with anxiety because now they are anxious about being anxious.

#7: Always blaming yourself.

When somebody tells a person with anxiety that they are going to do something, and then they don’t do it, they will blame themselves, often wondering what they did wrong. On the same note, they will also blame themselves if something doesn’t work out well or the way they had planned things. No matter what the failure, they will always find a way to think it was their fault.

#8: The impending is frightening.

It is nearly impossible for a person with anxiety to live in the moment as they are always caught up in their thoughts; wondering what they could have done differently in the past or worrying what is going to happen in the future. They also have a tough time just to be fully present in the here and now.

#9: Judging and appraising are constant.

Many times an individual with anxiety will think that the people they see around them are more successful than they are and worry that other human beings are doing something right and they are not. It makes things very difficult for anxiety sufferers to be able to stay positive and not give in to failure when they think they are are not good enough to achieve such results.

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