15 Kids’ Drawings Mom Won’t Be Hanging On The Fridge Anytime Soon

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There are funny drawings by kids, and then there are also creepy drawings by kids. At times parents laugh, sometimes they question what kind of monsters their kids see that they’re not. When children draw something for their parents, it’s a moment for Mom and Dad to feel proud. “My kid drew that!” they say to their friends. At times the things kids draw are just entirely mysterious.

Art made by children can run a broad range of styles. Whether it’s funny or scary, there’s no denying that the things kids draw can be extraordinary.However, there are some genuinely hilarious drawings by kids that might never find a place on the fridge.

When a kid gets mad, they go straight to murder. When a kid is happy, their art can look a little too comfortable. So these 15 entertaining drawings by kids correctly show what is so unique about art made by children. It tells the truth. The emotions are raw and uncensored.

1. It can be considered hilarious or creepy because this first drawing was made by a kid for their babysitter.

2. Children are so innocent, and they don’t see the dirty side of things as like grown-ups do.

3. This 10-year-old shows everyone how he feels about the Kardashians.

4. Kids adore their Mom and Dad so much that they even like to draw their job. When children look at their parents, they see superheroes.But in this case, have a look.

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