15 People Who Learned the Hard Way Not to Follow Advice on the Internet

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In order to find new and innovative advice, the internet is the best place to look for. The much-appreciated lifehacks not only show creative ways to tackle everyday problems yet also the lengths to which people seldom go to look real. This hunt sometimes leads to funny situations that are not only entertaining, however, can also act as signs of anyone yearning to take the chance.

Rad Beaver has gathered life hacks for you that had gone wrong. These life hacks will not save your day, though they sure will put a smirk on your face.

1.This guy was unfortunate enough to believe an egg could be boiled in a microwave

When you don’t do your Physics homework, this is what happens.

2.Resourcefulness at its finest

When you already spent all your money to buy a $100k car and have no money to further.

3.This is dying to be patented

If the seat hasn’t been used for its primary purpose.

4.When you treat your phone like your utensil

After washing the next step would be drying it in the sunlight.

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