16 Tattoo Cover Ups Worse Than The Original Tattoos

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Substance abuse, unprotected sex, bad tattoos are some of the bad decisions in life. The last item happens due to a weak idea, or poor craftsmanship. Momentarily, the latter one occurs typically when the person wanting to get a tattoo also wants to spend as little as possible, resulting in the business being taken to a mediocre artist, or to a plain amateur. Usually, the result is a shame, and the said tattoo is supposed to be corrected, generally behind a cover-up.

Scroll down to see sixteen examples because some people do not learn from their mistakes.

1. Not being ashamed of past mistakes

2. Putting Andy on the Wall of Shame

3. Kitty obliteration successful

4. It seems the Playboy Bunny was not such a bad tattoo, after all

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