19 Texts That Prove Some People Are Too Dumb For Sex

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No matter what but most of us do come across a lot of stupid people. Yes, I agree with the fact that we also sometimes do stupid acts or say something nonsense. But guess what there are few people who are so crazily stupid 24/7.

Well, sometimes there are some idiots who are absolutely great in bed, that you really really want to bang them. And there is a hell of a difference between screwing somebody thinks Cabo is in Africa and screwing someone that thinks you can get pregnant through anal.

Like on a serious notejust run away in case if your partner thinks that you need a Plan B after they finger you or after putting it in your butt.As those mofos absolutely have not learned in jack sh*t in sex ed class.

These 19 dumb people shouldn’t be allowed to bang:





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