20 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

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We at Rad Beaver have been working hard to look for the best tips and tricks to streamline and advance your daily life. Here are an overwhelming list of 20 living hacks that will show you in what way to quickly dry your clothes, make your shoes waterproof, amplify your phone’s speakers, and significantly further more…

1. Grow roses from cuttings

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Here are great tip for growing roses from cuttings. Push the bottom ends of the cuttings into small potatoes prior to planting.To develop healthy roots the cuts will moisture and nutrients in the potatoes. Learn more here.

2. Waterproof shoes

Turning canvas shoes into waterproof ones, nothing other than beeswax and a blow dryer is need. Spread everywhere beeswax on your shoes. Further, use the blow dryer to melt the beeswax til you can no longer see it.Now the waterproof shoes are ready.

3. Dry your clothes faster

To dry your clothes faster and you don’t have a dryer. Here’s what you can do: Place your wet clothing on a dry towel.Inside roll the towel with the garment. Pick it up, and twist it as tightly as possible to squeeze out the excess water. Once the  excess water is  drained, hang your garment on a hanger to completely be dried.

4. Smelly shoes


Put a few dry tea bags inside each shoe to absorb the smell, if you have bad-smelling shoes. But if your shoes are not just smelly but also wet, fill them with a mixture of rice and baking soda and for a few days leave them .

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