21 Doctors Confess The Dumbest Things They Have Ever Heard From A Patient

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Sometimes people ask the stupid questions and say the darest things. And even at times, it’s so crazy that people keep on say soo weird stuff yet they don’t have the correct information!

Sometimes it just makes non-sense when for example an adult could believe that it’s ok to give your infant coffee? I mean seriously?And how a woman that has two children dont know what her period date is? Like, what did you think as for years was happening to you every month?

Okay ! Now just ask the following 21 doctors. Well, I am sure that you, will find those things as real AF. Want proof? Like they have to tell patients that silly stuff which one already know, so just go through the post and find it by your self.

These are the 21 dumbest things people have said to doctors:





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