23 Men Confess The Creepiest Thing A Woman Has Ever Said to Them

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Women deal with a lot worse than men when it comes to getting hit on and hearing creepy sh*t, They usually use degrading pickup lines, and are just full-blown creepy mofo, I mean that men who send gross d*ck picks.

Women can be creepy AF as well. I know, crazy right? And we are not merely speaking uncomfortable pickup lines. We’re talking “I’ll kill myself if you dump me” and “when’s our wedding (on the first date)”However I admit that crazy stuff doesn’t only apply to dudes. Well, it’s true.

Here women said creepy things that are epic, we have shared few of these like 23 in the post, but others said things that are ridiculously unsettling.

These 23 women said the creepiest things to men:





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