These 23 People Actually Know Celebrities

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We all have a celebrity crush. But I am confident that we’ve all wondered how does it feel like to bang a celebrity. You’re a liar if your answer is no. However have you ever consider what it’d be like to know a star, by excluding sex?

I mean.. you are absolutely normal. Perhaps you see a funny celeb and are like “I think we’d be friends,” but you don’t believe it could ever happen. What celebrity would want to hang out with an average person? But some of these people know or knew celebs genuinely.

The following 23 people know famous people. But over the years some have lost touch, not all of them are friends,, and some are such scum bags that you wouldn’t want to acknowledge you knew them.Well I guess we shall have a look at the post below to find out more.

These 23 people actually know celebrities:





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