23 People Committed Sex Acts They Are Ashamed Of

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In the name of sex, everyone has done some crazy sh*t. Because orgasms are just so good, that everyone has tried and got off whenever they can!

Now the question arises what the absolute shameful thing you have done in the name of an orgasm is? Have you touched yourself when your parents drove? In the middle seat of a plane did you ever get a wet dream?

Or maybe you did unfortunate things to get your partner off, or perhaps that shameful stuff that you did in the name of getting yourself off. Do you look back and think of punching your partner in the face? Or cringe at the thought of you fisting someone?

Trust us, plenty of people do regrettable things in the sack and at least your not the only one. So take if from these 23 people, who did some sexual things that they are not feeling regret over it.

These 23 people committed sex acts that they regret:





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