3 Things Your Guy Wants You To Do In Bed…But Will Never Ask For

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As getting the utmost satisfaction out of vaginal penetration, often men are stereotyped, and that works for them.This way is decades old but also highly inaccurate as there are a lot of other options which they probably will not speak out loud but would be utterly pleased if tried.

Recently Men’s Health has done a survey which revealed few of the substantial realities of the contemporary lovemaking scene. For instance, about one-third of the participants were active out of the 6700 participating men and women.

More than two or three times in a week this group was getting intimate; however, a vast 71% of women reported to be having a fulfilling and satisfying experience while only 50 to 51% men who were also getting busy about the same time said satisfying experience. This depicts that it is not all that simple and straightforward to presume certain stereotypes and just conclude that men as they easily achieve orgasm are enjoying their time between the sheets.

As compared to women, there are many factors which need to be taken into account to explain this drop in the percentage of male sexual satisfaction. Daniel Lebowitz sheds some light on this growing divide of male-female sexual fulfilment.He is a co-director and male sexuality expert at The Intimacy Institute, Colorado.

As per his statement, the changing ideals have turned the tables and what women used to feel concerned about before getting intimate is now what get the nerves of men. By increasingly popular media this could easily be explained because as far this is making male objectification a reality.

For an average guy setting unrealistic standards has made them feel miserable about their own body and those standards are difficult to achieve. For instance, thanks to the celebrities who have set the standard as an essential to be appealing, i.e., a chiselled physique and six-pack abs.

Daniel Lebowitz asserted that probably women have also got the feeling of this excessive objectification and coming up with specific standards, however for them it has been there for a long time. Women feel more confident in bringing it up and have adapted to this. Although for men they are not ready for it.

There are these following things about which men may not talk about openly but would love if their women did it for them. Probably in relationships, the redefined role also lead to this decline in men finding delightfulness in sex.

1. Initiating the first move

It is assumed that in the bedroom men will lead the charge and they love it if they felt desired and wanted. However, they will like if their women made the first move and started the love-making once in a while. It could be as simple as kissing them or slowly caressing them in any way. Beyond measure, the feel of being loved and desired will delight them.

This will make them feel less apprehensive about initiating the act all the time and thinking they might be appearing desperate. So next time subtly surprise him when you guys are about to sleep or doing random stuff.

2. Dressing up for him only

How could you opt for zero effort when you are alone with him? And making no special arrangements?They might feel the contradiction in the way you dress up and beautify yourself for a girl’s night out. This will make them feel unworthy of your attention, and they will get into self-doubt about their attractiveness to you. If exclusively you are taking some time out and dress up for him this will make you very attractive to him.

Eventually, he will also put efforts to please you.

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