These 31 Sex-Ed Teachers Gave Students Completely False Information

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Apparently, sex education is to educate and understand, young adults about safe sex in a safe and friendly environment. However, some schools teach abstinence-only education or they have accepted general standard sex-ed programs.

Always it’s not a lack of interest or that they are fed up that they have to teach an extra class or you see, some teachers aren’t at all that helpful. No, they know jack sh*t about sex as some are shitty sex-ed teachers!

Some sex-ed teachers tell their student’s entirely false information about sex, STDs, contraception, and bodily functions because they find trouble talking about sex with teens or pure stupidity. It’s understandable that few don’t know this information and teachers are being paid to share this sensitive information with students

Seriously, I cannot believe that these people are allowed to interact with students especially in the case of these 31 sex-ed teachers. Therefore kid FYI, they are entirely false in fact if you have heard all this information from anyone or anywhere.

These 31 sex-ed teachers gave completely false information to students:





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