These 50 Shades Of Disney Illustrations Will Turn Your Head, Legs And Everything In Between On

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People who were born in the 1990s era, Disney meant everything to them. When it comes to taking out the best moment from their childhood, Disney fans have their language. Seriously,  they are the memories of a lifetime, and most of the good memories belong to Disney as this was also aimed at the studio as well.

We used to connect deeply with Disney’s characters in our childhood, as things we only understood were love and care. But what next? Well, nobody knows.Because all we knew were the happy endings.

So a graphic illustrator took a lead and had tried to look through a keyhole and revealed that what your favorite characters do when they are alone

Let us have a good look!

1.Belle | Beauty and the Beast

“Christian is standing over me grasping a plaited leather riding crop… He flicks the crop slowly into his palm as he gazes down at me. He’s smiling, triumphant.” – Fifty Shades of Grey, P. 231.

2.Pocahontas and John Smith | Pocahontas

“‘We’re here because you said yes, Anastasia. And you ran from me. I am going to hit you six times, and you will count them with me.’ Why the hell doesn’t he just get on with it? He always makes such a meal of punishing me.” – Fifty Shades of Grey, P. 505

3.Aurora | Sleping Beauty

“He lifts me up, and suddenly we’re moving, my arms still tethered above my head, and I can feel the cold wood of the polished cross at my back, and he’s popping the buttons on his jeans. He puts me down against the cross briefly while he slides on a condom, and then his hands wrap around my thighs and he lifts me again.” Fifty Shades of Grey, P. 324.

4.Aladdin and Jasmine | Aladdin

“‘I am going to tie you to that bed, Anastasia. But I’m going to blindfold you first and,’ he reveals his iPod in his hand, ‘you will not be able to hear me. All you will hear is the music I am going to play for you.'” Fifty Shades of Grey, P. 487.

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