6 Signs That Say You Are Truly Unfuckwithable

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And as the quote above says we do begin to look at things differently when we accept ourselves for who we are. And when we combine that with a goal that best suits our personality we become unstoppable. At this point, all you are focused on is trying to get to whatever target it is that you want in life.

This is the best place to be as a human; it is as though you are in some type of flow or define consciousness. You don’t get upset over other people’s opinions about your goals and how you go about achieving them. And I say the pursuit of goals as a definition of living life because that is the best way to live life. You should have a purpose driven life for you to be a happy and fulfilled person. This was reiterated by an intelligent man who once said that if you want to live a happy life, then you should attach your life to a goal.

Now, being in the state of mind that allows you to focus entirely on the improvement of your life – and by that, I mean where you end up living, who you choose to be with and what it is you have committed most of your energy into doing. Not being bothered by what the public thinks of you but instead being at peace with yourself.

When you are in natural sync with your soul, you become unstoppable as you are not held back by expectations or similar weights.

When it comes to having expectations and similar attachments weighing you down, you have to understand that these things are real. And when you let them into your life, you end up being held back from getting to your highest potential. You become vulnerable to outside pressures such as those that come from your friends and family and society as a whole, and then other non-human factors that get in the way of you achieving your goal.

You have to turn your mindset and mentality around. You have to push yourself to the limit to see what you are made of. You have to face those insecurities that you have that have been playing games on your psyche. Set goals but at the same time understand that the ultimate goal in life is to live. And living is 99% being in the trenches, being in the process of achieving those goals you set for yourselves. You have to be in the game for the love of the game and not just the end goal. And when you play that way, you will find out that every single obstacle that comes your way is just another stepping stone to the next level of your journey. And it is at this point that you become truly unstoppable as the hindrances are what motivate you and not the price. The process becomes the highest motivating factor and not the prize.

Alright, enough of the talk already. Let us get to the 6 points that show that you are going to this level of awareness.

(1) You have realized your self-worth:

When you begin to understand yourself then believe you me, you have something going. It is like getting some electronic device, and you don’t yet understand how to use it. There is very little chance that you would use it well and until you read the manual to the electronic device, it would be almost impossible to make the best use of the device.

The same goes for you as a human being. You can’t just jump into the game of life without first understanding who you are. You won’t maximize your full potential, and you could end up getting frustrated as you may not succeed in life.

A major step to understanding yourself is to realize that you are special. Now, this isn’t some rare motivational rant here; this is fact. The chemical arrangement and composition that make up your physical body and your consciousness or brain will never be repeated in the universe again. Your ideas will be unique to you in some way or the other. And so will be your contribution to the world and humanity as a whole.

When you understand that you will be willing to ignore whatever is the current fad and instead focus on discovering yourself. And when you do get introduced to you, you will then enter the game of life, armed with the manual of you and knowledge of what best suits you.

“Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart.

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