8 Driving Life Hacks That Will Save You Gas Money

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On everyday travelling and car, usage brings sufficiently great fuel expenses. In addition to that, there is very tied and direct connection between mileage plus frequency of maintenance services. Rad Beaver has brought together 8 life hacks which not only let you explain but also will help you minimize the maintenance and fuel costs.

1. Don’t put the pedal to the metal.

We come across a lot of drivers on the roads who love to bang on the acceleration. Although we were told in the driving school that acceleration and braking should be done smoothly as for the reason it guarantees reduced fuel consumption. Because when you accelerate with force, it makes your car consume more energy which leads to more car consumption.

2. Use cruise control on the highway.

If you will follow speed limits and use cruise control your vehicle will consume much less fuel rather than accelerating on each open road section.Your car has to increase engine speed in order cope with wind drag increasing fuel consumption.

3. Undergo servicing on time.

Every 4,500 miles the oil filter and oil must be changed. Moreover, consider replacing the plugs and air filter.Do this in time to avoid additional expense. Or else, it can lead to engine failure, and that every type of repair is very expensive.

4. Turn off the air conditioning.

One has to choose among comfort or fuel economy? Fuel consumption increases by 15% on average when the air conditioner turned on. The other electrical appliances are not so fuel hungry. You will save approximately 1 halon of gas per 100 miles if you turn off the air conditioner.

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