Company Claims That Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises Will Be On Sale This Year

Widgets Magazine

McMullen’s sunny optimism convinces not everyone. According to teledildonics developer Kyle Machulis, none of today’s sexbots are even close to the real thing. “We aren’t anywhere near there in terms fidelity yet in sex toys, or really, in any market sector involving robots,” Machulis recently told Motherboard. “There’s a lot of tech that doesn’t exist yet that we’ll need to pull this off in the way people imagine when they think ‘sex robots.’ Indeed, at present, even the promised Harmony is just a robotically-animated head on a lifeless body.”

AI researcher Dr. David Levy believes that “women will find robots equally appealing as men,” and that heterosexual women will essentially see the male sexbot as an upgraded vibrator. And even if the male sexbot rolls off the line ready to do the horizontal tango, it’s doubtful whether there’s even a market for it. But Cindy Gallop, founder of amateur erotica site MakeLoveNotP*rn, disagrees. “‘As long as you want’ is not the female definition of fantastic mind-blowing sex,” she told Motherboard recently. “That presumes that the only thing that represents great sex for women is jackhammering her for as long as you possibly can.”

She doesn’t directly write off the chance of a working male sexbot in the future although she’s unsure about the current model. “I would just love to see what a female concepted [sic]-and-built approach to male sex robots would look like,” she stated.

Widgets Magazine