Emma Stone Says She Is Embarrassed She Looks Naked In Photo With Hillary Clinton

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Last week The Late Show with Stephen Colbert guest was Emma Stone. She seemed quite excited that Hillary Clinton was a guest as well. Taking advantage of this moment, The actress decided to pose for a photo with Clinton. It cast out to be a really cute photo apart from for the detail that Stone looks….naked.

The actress was quite embarrassed to realize that she had a bit of a wardrobe circumstances. It was just an unfortunate hand placement. Stone and Clinton are holding up T-shirts with tennis champion Billie Jean King’s face on it.

From the point where Stone is holding her shirt, makes her appear totally naked. If you didn’t recognize the context, you’d almost certainly think that Stone was hanging out with Clinton being complete nude. It’s in fact quite funny photo.

Emma was a vocal Clinton supporter during the 2016 presidential election. Back in November, Stone, along with several other celebrities, was photographed wearing shirts in support for Clinton being President.

Widgets Magazine



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