Entire Hospital Staff Left Feeling Sick To Their Stomachs After Realizing What Grandma Did

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A newborn infant is considered as innocent as angels. They are normally cherished and loved, and they have a natural innocence that that generally gets spoiled by the passage of time as adult life take over. They use to cry for tiny things whenever they feel hungry or they need mom, and when they smile and laugh it is most adorable thing. It is probably one of the most lovable things ever when their little hands wrap around your finger.

And to know that two people who love each other have come together to create this new life is a miraculous thought.

Let’s all be honest for a second: newborn babies are goofy looking, right? Now, that does not mean they are not the most precious of gifts, and that there is not something cute about their pruney little faces and freakishly small hands and feet, coupled with their giant dome heads.

Babies are adorable; they just are not very good looking.

Rad Beaver found and would like to share a story about a grandmother who was so taken aback by her new grandchild; she actually tried to return it to the hospital.

An elderly Colombian woman stormed into a clinic and demanded that they take her grandchild back. The woman claims that no member of her family could be so ugly, and that the hospital staff clearly switched another family’s child with her own.

According to The Mirror, health secretary Carlos Pallares said “The grandmother was not very happy. She did not identify the baby as a new member of the family and therefore she decided to come back to the clinic along with the mother of the baby to return him.”

Of course, the staff denies screwing things up and told the grandmother that there was the only male child born that day at the hospital, and it was definitely their child.

Pallares also said the woman must learn to accept her grandson, regardless of how he looks. “The situation should be accepted. Sometimes biology, genetics play a role in these mistakes and we should accept them.”

It is fair to say that maybe genetics weren’t kind to this child but to say that the appearance of a child is a ‘mistake’ is highly challenging. How is it fair to treat someone based on their appearance let alone a baby who has not even gotten a chance to grow up yet?

After hospital staff gave the baby boy another quick checkup to make sure everything was fine, they gave the child back to his mother and anxious grandmother and sent them on their way.

A city council spokesperson, Chadan Rosado spoke to the media about the incident saying that the grandmother has a history of psychological issues and has been in treatment.

Rosado also admonished the public not to treat the old woman too harshly. How safe the child is with these two women who did not originally want him is to be determined.

And now, we present you with a smattering of wisdom from the Internet, as people have commented on this story, saying things like:

“Often, newborn babies are NOT pretty. I’ve seen some pretty pathetic looking ones turn out to be quite nice looking. I think those two women’s reactions were a bit extreme. I hope the child never hears about this.”

“A kid is a kid! I mean, that baby could turn out to be the next president! Or the next bestselling author, or the next worldwide singer, or he/she could change the world! Grow up and care and love for this baby.”

“My mother thought I was ugly…”

“She is ugly, not the baby.”

So, can you remember what your kids looked like when they were squints eyed and bald newborns? Tell us how amazing they are now, here.

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