Female Gamer Forgets To Turn Off Live Stream Before Fapping And Nerds Are Loving It

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While growing up I realized that gaming and sex could be overlapped specifically when in the game Tomb Raider II Lara Croft, the lead character, takes off her clothes. However, the world of gaming has changed considerably and it is not linked only with the geeks who are confined to the computer but rather it has become sexy and cool.

Individuals tend to be extremely less creative these days because now they would watch anything, from people watching TV to people watching video games.

There has been an increase in the popularity of video games because people have dedicated their time to watch games. The biggest streaming service available, the Twitch, happen to attract more than 45 million individuals interested in gaming every single month.

I would certainly get on board in case if stories similar to this hit the internet although I personally struggle to see the fun in watching other people sit at their computer desks and just game.

A female gamer Nova Patra from Vancouver, British Columbia, to showcase her sick skills on games like Hearthstone she uses Twitch. Although, a lot of people recently know Nova Patra as that woman who put down her joystick and starts off playing with something quite unique.

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