The Frightening ‘Eraser Challenge’ Is a New Kids’ Trend With Terrifying Consequences

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When kids are bored at school and required responsiveness, they are been eager to involve in useless, hazardous activities as an expression to how tough they are.

However when we saw with the salt and ice challenge or the cinnamon challenge, these silly games have very real consequences that should cause concern for parents.

Now, a new one is creating the cycles, and it’s a stage for parents, teachers, and other kids to be alert of its hazards.

It’s called the eraser challenge, and, as with the other dangerous, it involves a painful act that serves no purpose.

The game’s “rules” are simple: Rub an eraser on your skin while you recite the alphabet.

Although as the kids are preoccupied running through the alphabet, they’re unaware they’re doing it to their skin, frequently stripping it away and producing swellings or even open injuries prone to infection.

Since we are living in an era of social media, the “challenge” part of this hazardous game comes from sharing your marks on social media.

What’s very frightening is that it would look from the pictures that the kids are vigorously trying to impose the most harm for attentiveness.

But as you would imagine, there’s no upside. It’s senseless self-harm performed in the name of peer pressure and boredom.

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