Man Recounts What It’s Like Living With A House Full Of Girls Via Hilarious Twitter Thread

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Vacation and a bunch of girls! The best thing any man can dream of, right? Well unfortunately, you might be wrong. Yes, you heard it right! Being with girls is not always about cuddling and having breakfast together. It’s about managing with their typical habits which include sudden changes of mood swings in less than a minute (For a moment, they will be hugging you while the next moment, they would be asking who Sarah is!), and how can we forget about the clumps of hair on the wall of the shower cabin, of which they completely deny!
This has been perfectly summarized by a twitter user; Roberto Carlos, who explained the essential information needed by a husband to understand a woman, which is still not enough to help them  “completely” understand the word woman. (Is that even possible?)
This article might come in handy for men. Keep on reading to help yourself a little bit, guys.

Here’s where it all began. Buckle up because this is going to be the ride of your life…


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