Guess? What These 10 Things Are Really Used For

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In every day-to-day life we see lots of objects, and hence, we are so accustomed to this variety that we never even ask ourselves things like, “Why do you actually need a hole in a Chupa Chups stick?” 

We are actually amazed with few of our discoveries. Here we have shared it in the list below!

Cap’s  with Pom-pom


Their history dates back as far as the 18th century, but Pom-poms are generally perceived as an accessory nowadays .In the past, French sailors guard their heads from bumping on low deck ceilings by the help of wearing hats with pom-poms. However later, many army suits included caps with pom-poms, and one could simply tell the military service by their shape and color.

A square hole in the Chupa Chups stick

It is quite distressful to save a child from choking, hence most people assume that is why the hollow length of the stick is for. To keep the candy on the holder, the side hole is made. The hole is filled firstly when it is dipped into the liquid candy, making the entire sweet sit firmly on top.

The Creased pants


If you suggested that they weren’t a useful addition, then you were accurate. European clothing factories exported most of their products abroad at the end of the 19th century, hence to make the most of the cargo space, the clothes were pressed down before shipping. These results in the creasing of pants and were nearly impossible to get rid of. Later, they just became fashion trend.

A “pocket” in ladies’ panties

The internal layer both in men’s and women’s underwear has to be made of a particular soft material. Since ladies’ panties are made so that both layers can’t be inside, so one of them is not stitched, resulting in this “pocket.” So you shouldn’t put anything in there from now onwards.

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