Here’s Why None of the Kardashians Have “Confirmed” Their Pregnancies Yet

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These days it appears as though that everybody in the Kardashian family is getting pregnant. Firstly,via surrogate, we got the news that Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her third child. After that, the news broke that the youngest sibling Kylie Jenner is also pregnant with boyfriend, Travis Scott. And soon after the reports broke that with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson Khloé Kardashian is also pregnant.

Hang on! This is simply wild to me and I need to reaccess it. The Kardashians have been are famous for the family that loves to stir up the drama and controversy, you know, to maintain their “famous family fortune.” having three sisters knocked up all at the same time – which means, three births all around the same time, well, that’s insanity.

However all at the same time these three sisters have knocked up everyone which portrays that, three births all around the same time, certainly, that’s unsoundness of mind.

Who better to plan this entire go-down other than Kris Jenner herself?

As for the reason, Keeping up with the Kardashians, the family’s TV show, airs its season premiere this Sunday and for breaking this news the timing cannot be any better, in case you have an idea about it. On the air, this is also the 10 year anniversary of the show.

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