Man Masturbates His Profoundly Disabled Son And Explains Why

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Perhaps one of the most controversial posts on the internet lately has been that of a blog by Fayzal Mahamed. In it, he publicly announces his actions in physically masturbating his disabled son and why he feels it is the best thing he can do for his therapy. Mahamed explains in a lengthy blog post why he has chosen to do so and hopes to bring light to the taboo subject of disabilities and sex.

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Fayzal Mahamed. Fayzal Mahamed is making headlines with his controversial blog post regarding his severely disabled son. Mahamed has openly stated he has chosen to masturbate his son as a treatment method.

PIMD. Mahamed’d son, Mustafa suffers from PIMD or Profound Intellectual Multiple Disabilities. He has severe disabilities that have left him unable to communicate or voluntarily move any of his muscles. He has an estimated IQ well below 20 and is basically bed-ridden if it weren’t for his father’s care.

Mustafa’s Story. Mustafa, who is now 30 years old, has been living with severe disabilities since birth. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age that has been completely debilitating.

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