This Man Used Steroids Since He Was 14 Years Old And Now He Regrets It

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In modern day we nearly have sects of body image cults. For ages, the body image constraints have existed, and body image issues have resulted for just as long. This is not an issue that only affects one gender but rather both. You have the barbies/models, the bootilicious, and the gym cult. That’s the ideal but all too frequently steroid abuse, and addiction is the reality.This sect is all about minimal body fat and more importantly big muscles and the presence of hours in the gym and hard work.

An Honourable Path Polluted

In fact, putting the time in to get your nutrition on track and body in peak form in incredibly healthy and admirable. There is nothing wrong with taking an interest in and being proud of your body. But, steroid use and abuse is another thing altogether.

An Untold Toll

We have come across hundreds of people who have seen the wicked depths of substance abuse, many times they may die from final consumption, however, what many do not know is that this is often from products that are entirely legal.

Legal Poisons

The dangers to humans posed by tobacco are well documented. The most obvious example is the abuse of alcohol, smoking. You are poisoning your lungs, and I think we all understand the importance of lungs. Alcohol is a bit less apparent in its dangers because drinking is considered so reasonable though don’t be mistaken it is just as degrading to your health.

Another Huge Problem

In America steroids too have become an enormous problem. Steroids can have some severe adverse effects on the human body. These are drugs. Just because they aren’t used for escapism or to have a good time does not make them not a drug or side-effect free.

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