Mother Claims Abortion Is Murder, Shares Photos of Her 14-Week-Old Miscarried Baby

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Today we share with you the story of a grief-stricken would-be-mother who lost her baby at 14 weeks. She says that after going through the tragedy, she just wants to emphasize the importance of life no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem. For her, abortion is a sin; a murder; it’s not an option for her.

1. A Mother’s Story Of Loss and Coping

Felicia Cash experienced a miscarriage on 24th July. It was her third pregnancy and she had conceived twins this time.She shared pictures of her 14-week-old miscarried fetus on social media to spread awareness regarding abortion. Felicia informed Live Action News: “We had not seen a doctor at that point yet; they don’t usually want to see you until you are eight or nine weeks. So I went into the hospital, bleeding, in fear of miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and told us that we had lost one of two, but that the second baby looked healthy and vigorous. We had other scares when the bleeding started again and again but was told it was just due to the first loss and a hematoma beneath the placenta.”

2. The Dreadful Morning – 24Th July 2017

“Monday morning, I had more bleeding and then pain. It happened very suddenly. I told my husband he needed to come home from work — only a 20-minute drive — but before he could get here, my water broke and within 10 minutes I had delivered my tiny son into my own hands. … Japeth Peace Cash was born the morning of July 24th at 8:30, at home.” –told heartbroken

3. Baby Japeth Peace

The baby was stillborn at 14 weeks and 6 days. After taking pictures of her stillborn, she urged everyone to consider abortion as an abomination.

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