New Info Reveals Mother-To-Be At Gender Reveal Party Mass Shooting Wasn’t Actually Pregnant

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Shooting took place at a gender-reveal celebration that happened in suburban Cincinnati there’s been much investigation in regards to the incident. Because this caused tragic death of Autumn Garret, 8-others injured, which also included 3-young children.

Party was held for 21 year old Cheyanne Willis of Colerain, who asserted that she was expecting a child. Though on a social networking site she claimed to be pregnant and posted that she’s expecting a baby boy. But the story took a turn when police investigated. Local police got to know the truth that the girl who acclaimed actually wasn’t expecting. Among others, Willis also got a gun shot injury on his leg. Inside the home two men opened fire and shooting was done non-stop!

She was then rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was instantly treated. She told local media that she lost her unborn child.

Local police released a statement on Monday saying that their investigation was being impeded, according to Tribunist!

According to the statement issued by local authorities states that Colerain Police Department “has been given information we have found to be false.”

Moreover “Hours and days have been wasted following leads known to be lies when they were provided to officers.”

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