Parents Share The Secrets Their Kids Think They Don’t Know

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Parents may sometimes act like they have no clue, but they know everything about their little ones. In this article, parents share secrets about their children that they think they are hiding well!

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1. Party time!

The wife and I went on vacation for a few days and left our son at home. He was old enough and responsible…

Came home to the yard being mowed, the flower beds cleaned out with the roses trimmed (Cut to the base. Luckily they recovered.) Some of the furniture in the house moved slightly.

I didn’t think much of it until I was sitting on the porch and a neighbor kid came along and couldn’t WAIT to tell me about the party he had with ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!

The house was still standing and he owned up to the whole thing, so he didn’t get a hard time over it (Except the roses)…


2. The revelation will come soon, son

That the reason we had to fork out over 3k in repairs on our truck was because my oldest took it mudding when he was 16. Wet, soupy, sloppy mud and it messed up the drive shaft and other things. He has no idea I know, but his partner in crime’s dad told me. This wasn’t an old truck, either. Dinged the paint job, too. He’s 26 now and I’m saving the reveal for when I’m old and he wants to put me in a home.


3. A guilty pleasure

My 13-year-old daughter has a kindle account on crest card. She sticks to her budget but doesn’t know I get the emailed receipts of what she buys. In public she has very cool taste. But in the middle of the night, she secretly binges on ‘hello kitty.’ She would be mortified if she found out I know.


4. Secret candy stash

My 9-year-old thinks she has a secret candy stash. In reality I don’t call her on that and other small things so she doesn’t put effort into getting better at lying to me.


5. A teenage boy’s drawer chest

My 14 year old seems to have developed an interest in storing his spent seed. The second drawer from the bottom in his chest of drawers is about a quarter filled with mini ziplocs of semen. Just obscene amounts of teenage semen. Since I end up doing most of his laundry, I surprised he didn’t imagine I’d find it. He made a cursory effort to hide it in a bag in the corner of the drawer, but, as you know, gym shorts always lead to truth in the end. Quite frankly, I have no desire to engage him on the subject. As long as he remains healthy and productive in this area of his life, I’m alright letting him be so in this one.


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