Period Sex: 8 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Getting Busy At That Time Of The Month

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Getting intimate is one of the best ways to have some fun, relieving some stress, and breaking down emotional barriers.To feel great and to gain some great health benefits people prefer to have sex.

When it comes to period sex everyone has their own opinion.That’s correct that here we’re going to talk about having sex on your period.It is something that everybody needs to know more about as certainly it is very touchy and awkward subject to talk about.

You should know some key facts either you opt to have or not sex on your period. Very few women feel absolutely comfortable while having period sex. Others prefer to keep those days private.

So therefore when you’re menstruating, read the underneath post to learn more about “doing the deed”.

#1: You Can Have Sex On Your Period

It is absolutely normal that some people don’t like to even think about period sex. Although this does not mean that because you’re bleeding doesn’t mean you can’t have sex.  Definitely you can have period sex, and you there is nothhing to feel weird about.

Women think that Many will be grossed out, however, most men really don’t care about it.

#2: It’s Totally Safe

Absolutely it is safe to have sex on your period.

Actually, this aids t relieve menstrual pain.

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