17 Photographs That Prove Our Favorite Animated Movie Characters Live Among Us

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You will hardly find any girl who hasn’t fantasised about being a highborn, and getting raised up in a tall castle (okay, no gender discrimination, you can find boys too). How fantastic would it be if you could actually live those fairy-tales? Indeed, being thrown in the Disney universe of your pick sounds fantastic – heck, kid or not, I myself won’t turn this splendid offer down. Now imagine if life did what it does best; surprise you and all around you. These people have quite identical features to our favourite fictional characters and it seems they are stuck with it, regardless of whether they wanted it or not. Fate is one interesting thing

Rad Beaver is anticipating who will be the next character we witness strolling our alleys. Stay tuned.


Elsa, Frozen

Gru, Despicable Me

Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story

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