Playboy Magazine Models Recreate Their Cover Pictures 30 Years Later

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Hugh Hefner who once held, “Once a playmate, always a playmate”. However, even the 91-year-old playboy is probable to have had no idea of only how true those words would ring. Approximately 30 years latter, seven Playboy cover girls have come organized to re-form their iconic sultry front covers, demonstrating that older Playmates still hold a special place in the hearts of many readers.

In spite Playboy usually filling its pages with fresh-faced girls, the fresh issues celebrate ageing and prove that women can be sexy at whichever stage of life. The magazine itself puts it flawlessly uttering: “beauty is ageless, sex appeal is timeless and exuberance is eternal.”

More info: Ben Miller | Ryan Lowry (h/t: ufunk)

1. Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1988)

2. Charlotte Kemp (1982)

3. Candace Collins (1979)

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