Here is Proof That Kylie Jenner Was Indeed Kimmy K’s Surrogate!

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Another fan tweeted, “Weird @KylieJenner was apparently in the hospital this weekend and Kim’s baby was born yesterday. IS KYLIE THE SURROGATE? YES or NO???”

Is Kylie the surrogate or not? (Source: Twitter)

Fans also tweeted about how they cannot help but obsess over this issue. One fan tweeted, “I hate myself for trying to figure out this Kylie Kim surrogate pregnancy thing like it’s a murder mystery.”

People all over the world are super involved in the Kardashian pregnancy drama. (Source: Twitter)

Another one posted, “The entire world is trying to figure out if Kylie was truly Kim and Kanye’s surrogate.”

This is a case for the FBI. (Source: Twitter)

“My sister’s gonna have my baby.” (Source: Twitter)

Kylie still hasn’t made any official statement regarding her pregnancy. (Source: Twitter)

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