Self-Confessed ‘Blood Witch’ Smears Period Blood On Face To Tackle The Stigma Surrounding Menstruation

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There is a lot of stigma surrounding menstruation if you’re a period having human, then you’ll know that. Advertisements for sanitary products are an excellent example of this because an enormous majority of them use a blue liquid in their presentations rather of a red one.

It can be a painful and tricky time of the month when Aunty Flow visits a person’s uterus. Their hormones will be out of balance, causing potential changes in mood, and the last thing that they need is society shaming them for an entirely natural bodily function.

Soon, a self-proclaimed “blood witch” has decided to tackle this issue head-on in a, um, somewhat surprising way.

Utmost people with vaginas dread that time of the month because of its side effects. It is kinda much rules out a visit to the pool, and, depending on whether or not their partner is into it a period could also take sex off of the menu if they are on holiday.

That’s not to mention the clean-up operation that takes place during Shark Week as they attempt to keep their nether regions from turning into a bloodbath!

In recent years, there have been some attempts to destigmatize menstruation. This has involved efforts to make sanitary products more easily accessible and affordable for all and a more open discussion about the trials and tribulations of that time of the month.

However, until now, the use of menstrual blood as part of a “sacred ritual” isn’t something several people have contemplated.

Widgets Magazine

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