Self-Confessed ‘Blood Witch’ Smears Period Blood On Face To Tackle The Stigma Surrounding Menstruation

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In days gone by, blood was used in a lot of healing processes. It was believed that all illnesses stemmed from imperfections in a person’s blood. In fact, that’s why bloodletting was used in an attempt to rid people of the plague.

26-year-old Yazmina Jade posted photographs of her face covered in blood and a detailed explanation of how this monthly process has changed her life for the better while taking it to Facebook to share her sacred ritual.

“How do you view your monthly bleed?

I personally through my teenage years and early 20s didn’t enjoy or care for my monthly period. It was just this thing that was kind of annoying and I felt shitty. It made me eat a lot more and I would bloat out and feel fat.

You could say I had an unhealthy relationship with my monthly bleed and didn’t really enjoy getting it at all!

There was a COMPLETE disconnect from my womb and how I felt towards bleeding.”

“I would use tampons that often hurt and felt so unnatural (a form of self abuse really). So numbed out, even with how I put them inside of me…

There was NO F*CKING guidance as to what happens when you bleed and how to even nurture or care for yourself through this SACRED time of the month. I had no idea, no guidance, and I just did what everyone else did, EVEN though it didn’t feel good OR NATURAL at all.

It’s taken me years to realise that bleeding is a sacred ritual time, for women to go inward, to let go, to create, to use in powerful manifestation and to honour our womb power and MOTHER EARTH…”

“I have been drawn more and more to reconnecting with my body and especially the womb. We hold sacred wisdom within our wombs.

Our BLOOD holds the same wisdom, it’s something to be celebrated, honoured and worshipped. Not hidden, disowned and sanitized.”

“We have shamed ourselves as women for bleeding, men have placed this taboo on us for bleeding. It’s time to reclaim our power through reclaiming that which comes naturally for us.

I’ve been spending time monthly CONNECTING in with my womb while I bleed, using a DivaCup so I can actually see my blood, using my blood on the garden or in [a] ritual [that] has helped me build connection with myself and my body.”

We doubt that many will be inspired to use their menstrual blood in their gardens after reading Jade’s post although most people can agree that there should be no stigma surrounding periods.

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