Missing Student Found Bitten And Bruised After Getting Lost And Surviving In The Wilderness For One Month

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A month after she went missing a 25-year-old Radiology student Lisa Theris, is from Louisville, Alabama has now been found and recovered. After running away from two men who chased her she is been founded caked in mud and covered in scratches. For an entire month, she was surviving in the forest on berries and mushrooms.

On Saturday afternoon she was found on the side of a motorway without a phone, bag, or shoes. According to what she told police, Theris survived by drinking water from the streams and after 28 days later suffering from starvation and covered in abrasions and bites from insects.

To his Facebook page Will Theris, Lisa’s brother, has posted regularly about his sister during her missing and after she was found he celebrated her discovery by posting a picture of her.Still she  gave her brother a smile as he snapped the picture in the ordeal although Lisa had lost 50 pounds.

Will Theris writes, in his post, “28 days stranded out in the wilderness and Lisa is still standing, strongest person I know.”

Still, Lisa is suffering from the ordeal although she is home now and is surrounded by her loved ones.Elizabeth Theris, her sister states, “She is severely weakened, she is in pain, she is emaciated. There is not an inch of her that has not been affected.”

After she refused to take part in the robbery of a hunting lodge in Midland,Lisa was believed to have run away from two men.

Lisa’s scratches and bruises and her state has been shown in these pictures which have incredibly shown that she survived in the wilderness without shoes.

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