Game Of Thrones Theory About Jorah Could Be A Real Game Changer

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As for the start of the new season of Game of Thrones,  the internet has got an immense response and people are talking about its season 7 episodes though just two has been released so far. But defiantly there the spoiler out there as well.

No matter what the platform is i.e Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Reddit everybody is talking and discusing diverse stories in regards to the characters, the show and story lines.

Its evident after watching the Episode 2 that Sam is trying to cure Jorah of greyscale. We got this clue from Episode 1 of the season, Where we saw that Jorah was locked in a cell, and Sam was reading a book on how to cure gray scale

However Reddit user ‘redragebar’ went a step ahead and took initiated to talk that what’ll happen if or when Same cures Jorah.

According to ‘Redragebar’ forecast that once Jorah is cured by Sam, he’ll try to travel to Valyria to uncover secrets of Valyrian Steel.

The main cause of it he explains is:  he’ll be able to do this is that he’ll be immune to greyscale. So you might be thinking what this has to do with anything.

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