Transgender Man Shares Incredible Before And After Picture Of Transition

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Before and after pictures are no new to the Internet, there are number of comparative images online, but usually they are subject to:

  • Makeup transformations,
  • Weight loss,
  • Plastic surgery.

There are still many pervasive myths about being transgender or experiencing what is known as “gender dysphoria”—being born with a discomfort around one’s assigned gender. The experience of gender dysphoria includes trans people, and also folks who identify and gender non-binary, a term that broadly (but imperfectly) refers to those who don’t identity as man or woman.

It should come as no shock that as society accepts transgender people, they suffer fewer side effects of minority stress. Much of the time, ignorance is hard to remedy, as many people who are confused about the meaning of the word transgender don’t know what questions to ask, or are afraid of saying the “wrong” thing.

To empower the transgender community and educate others, A transgender man has shared some incredible before and after pictures in a bid to highlight that “no-one’s journey is the same”

Musician Jaimie Wilson, who transitioned from a woman to a man, revealed on Instagram that many people would not accept his transformation at first because he successfully presented himself as being ‘feminine’ for the first 18 years of his life.

21-year-old Jaimie Wilson, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, knew that he was male when he was only 15 years old. However, his strict conservative and religious household forced him to hide his true identity.

The young DJ and model, from Ann Arbor, in the United States, who claims to have been completely disowned by his family, said “you don’t have to pass a test to prove you’re trans”. Wilson’s conservative family wanted him to hide everything from them; he admitted that he would hide any masculine clothing underneath feminine clothes in his drawers.

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