21 Tweets That Will Make Any Feminist Laugh And Maybe Even Shed A Few Tears

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Dear Men, why do you think that it’s okay to disrespect women when it was a woman that brought you into this world?

Our world is full of stuff it shouldn’t be filled with. One such thing would be the general disrespect most men seem to have for the female gender. I’m not implying that all men are douches, it’s just that almost everyone that crosses our path falls in that category and it’s impossible not to imagine where all the good men must be. And that’s alarming. We all need to stop and think is this the kind of men we want to see our daughters date? If the answer is no, and you are –that man– you need to change.

These women stood out for themselves and these tweets are inspiration to many. You’ll find some of these funny, and some sad. Either way, be sure to check out this article. WE NEED CHANGE, PEOPLE.


1. It’s a sad world we live in

2. That would be nice

3. Basically we want men, not little boys

4. It can’t be any easier than this


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