YouTube Finally Cuts Ties With Logan Paul After Posting A Video Of A Suicide Victim’s Body

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Well, we’re less than two weeks into the new year, and the hits just keep on coming for the YouTube famous Paul brothers. Earlier this week a video of younger brother Jake Paul was leaked where he is repeatedly seen dropping racial slurs while attempting to freestyle. I’m not even sure I can call it an attempt. It was more stumbling over his words sounding like a profanity-laced mother goose nursery rhyme. That video surfaced just days after older brother Logan decided to share a video from Aokigahara or better known as “the suicide forest”. The video shows the corpse of a man who had recently hung himself. Logan Paul took the opportunity to videotape it for content. He was grinning, giggling and even made a few tasteless jokes to add to the horrendous video.

For those who don’t know, Logan Paul has an immense following on YouTube and is one of the websites top earners this past year. Paul raked in over 12 million from YouTube alone after building a massive audience with over 15 million subscribers. The Paul’s are no strangers to stirring up controversy, but they seem to never face the consequences of their actions, that is until now. YouTube has officially cut ties with Logan Paul after more than 400,000 people signed a petition to take action against the profoundly upsetting video. Let me remind you Logan Paul’s critical demographic are children and young teenagers.

YouTube finally took action after concluding that Logan uploading a video of a dead body hanging from a tree wasn’t going to fly. Since the video went up, fans have been demanding that YouTube remove Logan’s channel. They assured fans that they were “looking at further consequences.” Finally, they’ve concluded that Logan’s “channel violated our community guidelines.”

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